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Welcome to the Prostate Cancer Training (PCaT) programme!

Routine prostate cancer screening is controversial.

This PCaT module was created for healthcare professionals to learn the proper way to assess, discuss and screen patients for prostate cancer.

It is free for all and can be completed in less than 1 hour.

PCaT consists of 3 training modules:

1. Epidemiology and risk of prostate cancer (15 mins)

2. Prostate cancer screening methods (15 mins)

3. Discussing prostate cancer screening with patients (15 mins)

Click on the images below to go to the respective module. We encourage you to start with Module 1.

Start Module 1: Prostate Cancer Screening

If you prefer a more systematic and social learning approach, we recommend you to join the course at Future Learn.

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EXTRA: Treatment for Early Stage Prostate Cancer

We have developed an interactive online decision aid to help patients diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer to make decision about their treatment option (in three languages).

Healthcare professionals could pass the link of the module below to the patients to help them understand better about each treatment option and make an informed decision about which treatment they can go for.

Click on the image below to try it out.